Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Been Quite A While!

I graduated. Found out that there will be a huge change in my personal life. Then, I got a job. Other than an overall assistant to the company, I am designing their website, which is exciting, since I'm usually sanding, plugging things into layouts, or messing with the office cats.

I am going to take a class at CCAD. The class, small business web design, will starts on September 16th and reinforce what I learned two years ago while assisting me in the design of my boss's site.

Freelance work has been slow to come in but I'm really excited with my new assignment. It's fun, a bit funky, and a secret until the client gives the okay.

The brochure below was the first real freelance work and although I have my problems with the data they are providing, I did it. I had to keep it simple and mostly text. Fitting everything they wanted into the brochure was difficult and made me doubt my graphic design abilities, which I'm sure every designer goes through, but my current assignment is changing my mind! Be patient. I'm working on some other things on the side and will hopefully get them up soon.

Feel free to critic!