Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Create An Inspiring Office

Busy busy busy. I'm behind on lots of things, including decorating my office. Currently, my biggest concern is the blank walls. It's just so colorless and bland! But how could I go about decorating on a budget when I can't even slot a time to paint something original?

You guys have any ideas? I suppose I could bring things in from home, but remember, it's a temporary office! If it weren't, I'd definitely be putting in more shelving space, a comfy rug, and wall art, a fridge, microwave... The list would go on and on. The only decorative elements I have are some fake flowers, an inexpensive frame with a photo of my little one when she even tinier, and a file box with a floral pattern on it. See below.

I'm thinking of getting some easy to put up decals. I can design them online and then get them cut with a local guy who has a cutter. But that still cost money... Below is a shot of the sewing area.

What do you think? Should i bother to decorate a temporary office, or just wait to see if business picks up more and pretend it's a pretty space?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Design, Office Space, and Quilts!

As a busy designer, mom, and wanna-be fashionista, I need a breather! But as they say, "there's no rest for the wicked!" Not sure if I'd completely categorize myself as wicked but I've been working as a graphic designer and social media guru for a wonderful company called Fabric Lovers. They sell lots of cute 100% cotton fabric (check out their Riley Blake collection, my fave) and I've been trying to bring in more work.

Check out my new website! is where my work is now residing (or will after I upload all of it). I now offer web design and creation on top of all the other design work I do - like print graphics, signage, etc. I manage social media sites and have to constantly stay in the know of fads so I read blogs, watch trends... I know right! Lucky!

For the Fabric Lovers company, I'm also crating a quilt! Yay! I get paid to sew something cute! I've been a bit slow but have created video content and will continue to write blog articles on DIY projects for their blog.

I also built this site for The Flourish Center. Still needs tweaking, but we'll get there! Looking for more web work, so if you know anyone, and they mention this blog, they get a discount!!! Yay!

Have I told you that I have an awesome mom? Yes. In order to save a bit of money this summer, we're paying her to watch my daughter. She's been staying with us but will sadly have to go home sometime in August. She's been a great help while I juggle a full-time job, a design business, an Etsy store, and whatever is thrown at me (sometimes literally but that's usually my daughter).

Stay tuned for a peek at my temporary office (and why it's only temporary) as well as decorating it on a budget!